What does life look like post graduation from graduate school? I am about to find out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So, as I get closer to leaving, I am faced with all these questions that are running through my mind
What if I hate Chicago??
What if the cold just proves to be too much for me??
What if I am making a huge mistake??
How am I going to survive on so little money??
Am I going to finally have to learn how to cook??
What do I do this time next year when I have to once again find a job and a place to live??
That last one is the one that weighs most heavily on my mind. While I am glad to have the next year of my life figured out, what scares me is what happens after that year. I really want to make Chicago my new residence and such but am scared to death that it won't work out for whatever reason. Then, what am I supposed to do?? Move back home and admit that my great Chicago adventure wasn't what I hoped it would be?? That is not what I want to happen. I'm having to once again put a lot of trust in God and hope that this walk with him will reveal a path that will lead to something grand for my life. I'm leaving my comfort zone behind, trusting that God will be there to guide me every step of the way.
Monday morning, I board a plane for New York for a week of orientation with all my fellow YAVs. It will be really good to see them all again and I am certain that the week will prove to a productive and fruitful one full of fellowship, prayer, discernment, bible study and devotion. On Monday, August 30, I will once again board a plane headed for Chicago where I will begin my new adventure with five other people that I will have just met at orientation. It's scary and exciting at the same time. I know that this is what God is calling me to do so I trust that he has a plan for me and will make it known to me what his will is. The hardest thing to do as a Christian is to let go and let God. I can be a bit of a control freak so this is definitely not easy for me. Please pray for me during this time that I may let my inner anxieties go and just trust in God's will. That is all I have for now. I will probably not be blogging again until I get to orientation as this weekend is full of craziness. See ya guys, later. Can't believe it's almost here!!


  1. i'm so, so excited Tad, yet I'm feeling many of the same doubts and concerns...

    I think we'll be just fine, in the end. :)

  2. If you find yourself hating Chicago, go off Michigan Avenue, and you will no longer hate Chicago. Places I've been to in Chicago: Drake Hotel, John Hancock Observatory, Millennium Park, Gino's East (BEST PIZZA EVER!!!!!), Water Tower, Navy Pier, the Green Dolphin (jazz club - the night life starts hopping at 11PM or so), lots of bars (happy hours = cheap meals!), an awesome public transportation system, Art Institute of Chicago (modern wing just opened last year, awesome!), HOULIHAN'S (you HAVE to go, 1 litre long island iced tea = $9), 2 Adidas stores within 4 blocks of each other, and so much more!!!

    And yes you should learn how to cook...it's always a favorite trait with the ladies. =P

  3. Watching "Art in the
    city - Chicago" wonderful stuff definitely see the Art Institute of Chicago and eat gyros from somewhere there {i missed that part}. check out Ovation network.

  4. Tad, you can't hate Chicago. That's where Ebert is! And Oprah! And Second City! And Steppenwolf!

    Can't wait to come visit you.