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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Long Time Gone

Well, folks, I apologize for my long absence from this here blog but if you knew how busy my life was this semester you would totally understand. The next time I announce that I want to take 19 units, somebody please stop me!!
No, seriously, folks. Classes are really going well but I feel like I am always busy. Yes, I know that I like to say that I like staying busy but sometimes I wonder if I took on too much. I think next semester, I'm going to make some significant changes so that I don't end up this busy and completely drained all the time. While I really like my classes (most of them anyways) I just always feel so drained and am so ready for the weekend to get here.
Anyway, I'm over halfway done with the Spring Semester. Spring Break starts next week and I am so looking forward to having that break for a few days. I really need it. I need to give my brain some time off and just relax and enjoy myself for a few days.
I've had a good semester so far. I went to Kentucky a few weekends ago for a meeting and got the chance to hang out with some of my YAV friends while I was in town. It felt really good to get away for a few days, even if it was to Kentucky. I narrowly avoided a tornado and a snowstorm and made lots of new friends. All in all, it was a good trip even though it took me forever to recover from it.
Other than that, not much to report on this front. I am going to try and be better about blogging as I know how important it is to my loyal readers. At some point, I do want to open this space up to talk about issues that have become important to me here at school. I want to be able to share my opinions about things on here. I will try and do that again. I know I've done that in the past. I will bring it back, I promise. For now, though, I thought it was imperative to let you all know that I am still alive and enjoying myself. Spring Break is so close and I am so ready!! Hope you all have been well. More later!!

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