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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sunshine and Summertime!!

Hello friends,
It's summer vacation!! That might explain my lack of posting on here. To be honest, there just hasn't really been that much to write about. Life around here is pretty laid back and not too exciting therefore there hasn't really been a need or a desire to post about it.
  I've basically been working all day and then in the evenings, I sit in front of my computer and watch TV all night until I get tired and then I go upstairs to my bedroom and read a book until I fall asleep. Occasionally, I might hang out with my friends but mostly, its been just me doing my own thing. We have been having weekly potlucks which have been a lot of fun and some weeks is about the only social interaction that I get. My job is nothing too exciting, just data entry stuff. I like it though because I have autonomy. I get to set my own hours and don't really have a supervisor so I can do my own thing as long as I get my projects done. I am working on this big project right now that I am starting to finish which is a huge accomplishment. I am so ready to move on to another project as this one has been very dry and unexciting. Can't complain too much though as it is a paycheck which is all I ask for. I've even been asked if I want to keep doing it over the next school year which means that this fall, I will have at least 3 jobs while going to school full-time. It's like college, senior year, all over again!!
The weather here has been absolutely perfect. 70s and 80s during the day with a cool breeze at night. Just absolutely gorgeous. It has rained maybe once so far this entire summer and I am told that rain in the summer here is extremely rare which is just fine with me. I've realized that for me, it is important that I try and keep my calendar as free as possible during the summer so I am trying my best to not really make any plans. If other people make plans and choose to invite me, then I will try and show up but otherwise, I am enjoying my stress-free, relaxed, summer. Just me and my laptop watching lots and lots of TV! Finally have time to get caught up on all the shows that I didn't have time to watch during the school year!! I hate it when school gets in the way of my other priorities!!I do have a trip to the beach planned and I have a standing date to go sailing on my friends' boat sometime soon. Plus, I leave next week for my 3 weeks of traveling. Then, I get back and start my Greek intensive class. Mostly, though, I am just working, relaxing and reading. Not a bad way to spend a summer if you ask me! Hope everyone has been well and that your summers are just as relaxing as mine. Best wishes!!

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