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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bible Study

So, tonight was the first time that I had the pleasure of attending the Young Adult Bible Study at LakeView Presbyterian Church. I have to say I was quite impressed with it overall. The Bible Study starts with a meal at 6:30 PM in which both Bible Study classes eat together before going off to their separate rooms for Bible Study. The Pastor teaches an Intergenerational Bible Study every week and the Associate Pastor leads the Young Adult Bible Study. There were about sixteen of us at the Young Adult Bible Study which was a really large group as I am used to having about five or six people at Bible Study. Tonight's focus was on the question of who is God and really dealt with the concept of how God can be both three in one and one in three. We also discussed the Apostles' Creed and the origins behind the words we use in it. We were also asked at one point to list names for God such as Abba, Father, Sustainer etc. In this, we were able to see that not everyone uses the same name when referring to God but that those names are still the same person. I think there is still much to discuss on this topic and I'm pretty sure we will give it another couple weeks before we move on to the next topic but the idea of the Trinity is such a fundamental concept to my faith yet it is one that I guess I have never really thought that much about. For me, it just has always made sense that God could be the Father, Son and Holy Ghost at the same time. It never really occurred to me that others may have trouble understanding that concept. It really feels great to be able to discuss this concept in an atmosphere where I can hear other people's perceptions of the concept of the Trinity. So far, participating in this Bible Study has proven to be a positive experience and one that looks like it will deepen my spiritual walk with God. I'm glad that I get the opportunity to participate in it and that going to it counts as part of my "work". I think I would go anyway even if it didn't. It's what I have been seeking in a Bible Study. Some deep, theological concepts discussed with people my age who struggle with the same issues I do and have different faith backgrounds than me but can all come together one night a week to discuss these concepts in a safe, affirming environment. I used to always be so anti-Bible study and it is only within the last year or so that I began really craving a deep, intimate relationship with the Bible. I wanted to know more about it and really get into some deep theological concepts with it. Once again, LakeView Presbyterian Church has given me a way to further walk with God and improve my spiritual growth. I'm really starting to feel at home here and Bible Study today just re-affirmed that so much. I have more to report but will do that later this week as I really wanted this post to focus exclusively on Bible Study. Good night and remember, Jesus loves You (and I do too)!!

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